This Is Me

Oh that my life would consistently reflect His Word.” – Psalm 119:5

More than anything, I want to be obedient to what God has called me to be. Nothing less. Not shrinking back. Living for a purpose and calling that is much higher than myself.

I am a Canadian born mom living in Texas. Our family loves to travel the world, watch and play sports, read, watch movies, and play a lot of table games. My passion is to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. This has lead me to jumping into hosting the A21 Walk for Freedom in our city which is a global awareness event bringing exposure to the issue of human trafficking. I love speaking and teaching, helping others to learn about the issue as well as their value to decrease their risk of ever being a victim. I have a burden for our vulnerable youth and young adult population whom is at risk more than ever due to isolation and seeking validation from “relationships” found through social media and gaming.

What has brought me to starting a blog is the lies I have believed about myself that have kept me from being all that I was truly created to be. We act out what we accept to be our truth…which can be a total lie. But oddly, when we believe it, becomes our reality. I had to put an end to those belief systems and continue to have to do so. My hope is that people will see the truth of who they are and live out the real purpose that God has set out for them. We know His plans are for the good. I desperately want you to know that you matter and hold a lot of value and purpose. Our past is not what defines us. God is. So as we move on together, may we not be moved by our circumstances, but instead by what God says about us. There is a world out there where we can make a difference for the better. I look forward to this journey with you. Thanks for joining me on this blog.

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