It’s Not About Me

In one of my Bible groups, we just finished the book of Esther. I love that book. Disney most definitely needs to make it into a movie.

While there is no mention of God in the book of Esther, it is very evident that both Esther and Mordecai are living out their faith. Mordecai is passionate about the Jews being delivered and Esther is obviously living a purpose way beyond herself. To the point she is risking her life. But she does it. For others. Because life… isn’t about me. Am I willing to risk my comfort, “friends”, time, money, etc., to free someone else?

Published by Bonnie

I am determined to live a life that is a calling beyond myself. For too many years I lived out the lies I believed to be true about who I was...or wasn't. Regardless, I was on the outside what I believed on the inside. Who told you that? More than anything, I want you to believe that you are valuable and have so much to offer to the world around you. I know you are here to do great things.

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