Some…or ALL?

“I can do SOME things through Christ who gives me strength.” declared the pastor from the pulpit. The twisted  version of the verse caught my attention a number of years ago while sitting in a church service.  The majority of us knew that was not the way Philippians 4:13 went.  The congregation was quick to respond in disagreement along withContinue reading “Some…or ALL?”

God Help Us

Father God, We love you and humbly come to you as your children.  Thank you that we can boldly approach your throne where your river of mercy flows out towards us.  Thank you for your grace, love, forgiveness, and compassion. Father we are in a time globally that has caused such fear, uncertainty, division, anxiety, loss ofContinue reading “God Help Us”

After the Lockdown, Will I Look Spiritually Plump or Emaciated?

Can I let you in on a secret?  On Easter morning when everyone was texting “He is Risen!”,  I was having to force some enthusiasm when texting back “He has risen indeed.”  I did not wake up excited to yet again, turn on a screen and watch a sermon online.  I certainly was not interested in this way of  lifeContinue reading “After the Lockdown, Will I Look Spiritually Plump or Emaciated?”

I’m Sorry

Surrounded by thousands of others, I was excited and ready to enter into a time of passionate praise and worship.  This was my place where I could connect with God, where I heard from Him, where I would lose myself in His presence.  This is where healing, peace, encouragement,  and revelation took place.  I live for this time inContinue reading “I’m Sorry”

Psalm 91 – My Declaration

Just another reason why we can walk in peace and confidence when there is so much unrest around us. Of one thing I am sure…I can trust God and His Word. This is the unshakeable truth that I focus on. My Psalm 91 Declaration (With the use of NLT) Because I live in the shelterContinue reading “Psalm 91 – My Declaration”

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive… That Is The Question

“Am I God, that I can punish you?  You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good.  He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.”  Genesis 50:19-20 What drives me to be involved in the fight against human trafficking is probably a deeply rooted and strong sense ofContinue reading “To Forgive Or Not To Forgive… That Is The Question”

Who Told You That?…about THEM

I was beside myself!!  I could not believe it!  He had been good friends with her.  The two had spent quality time together and shared moments of vulnerability, pain, and laughter.  And here in an instant, two other work colleagues deceivingly convinced him that she was using him to get a promotion that she wanted at the hospital.  Without askingContinue reading “Who Told You That?…about THEM”

I Will Lie Down In Peace and Sleep

In times where fear has attempted to put it’s grip on a member of our family, especially at night, we have often gone back to the story of David.  It is quite remarkable that while enemy soldiers were outside, he was able to peacefully fall asleep in a cave.  David fully trusted his faithful God to lookContinue reading “I Will Lie Down In Peace and Sleep”

Objects In The Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear

I stood there about to lose it in the middle of a church parking lot.  I was stuck.  I had exhausted all of the obvious solutions in finding a venue for the A21 Walk for Freedom – at least in my limited thinking.  I was stunned that I had not gotten the response from the Christian community thatContinue reading “Objects In The Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear”

Me and My Big Mouth

Maybe I could blame it on cabin fever.  Afterall, it’s always great when you can divert responsibility for your mistakes on something other than yourself.  Unfortunately, there are many times this last week where I wish I had not spoken.  Most of the situations were simply where it showed I had put no thought in what I saidContinue reading “Me and My Big Mouth”