A Funk Interrupted

I was in a bit of a funk as I sat down to blog today.  In these Covid-19 days that seem to repeat like in the Groundhog Day movie, I have to be intentional about purposefully being productive.  However, an hour earlier I had come out of a conversation that presented a problem that seemed to have no agreeable solution.  I was struggling with it as it was trying very hard to steal my peace.  

How can I write when my mind isn’t clear?  Actually, I don’t do many things well in these states of mind.  I thought I would sit down and read my Bible before tackling my blog entry for the day.

I wasn’t even playing Russian Roulette with the Word, as sometimes I do when I have no plan as to where I want to read.  But as my Bible fell open unguided, there it was, Isaiah 8:11-17 (NLT).  A passage filled with prophetic encouragement for you and me.  I couldn’t help but park there and read it over a few times.  It was as if God had a special Word for this time where our new social norm, isolation, and rules can so easily lead to worry, fear, frustration, and restlessness.

“The Lord has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does.  He said, ‘Don’t call everything a conspiracy like they do, and don’t live in dread of what frightens them.  Make the Lord  of Heaven’s Armies holy in your life.  He is the One who you should fear.  He is the one who should make you tremble.  He will keep you safe.’  So…I will wait for the Lord.  I will put my hope in Him.”

In times of earthly uncertainty like we are in, there is no shortage of people in the news, hospitals, politics, schools, churches, and communities telling is how we should feel and respond.  And the temptation is to fear.

We have a choice in what and who we will believe.  When fear and unrest are knocking at the door, don’t answer.  Instead, let’s send God and His unshakeable, life changing, miracle working, lie destroying, accomplishing, achieving, undeniable, peace-giving, healing, mountain moving, historically proven, accurate, protecting, wisdom giving, rest inducing, relationship restoring, WORD to answer that knock.

Just as Jesus did when He was tempted in the wilderness by the lying, deceiving, fearing provoking, devil, our answer can confidently and boldly be…


“No weapon formed against me (my health, my family, my peace, my home, my finances, my relationships) will prosper.  That is a benefit enjoyed by me, a servant of the Lord.  The Lord has spoken.” Isaiah 54;17


“Because I dwell in the shelter of the Most High, I WILL find rest in the Shadow of the Almighty…This I declare of the Lord.  He ALONE is my refuge, my place of safety.  He is my God and I TRUST HIM.  For He WILL rescue me and my family from every trap and protect us from deadly disease.  His faithful promises ARE my armor and protection.”


“I do not need to be afraid.  Not afraid of terror, disease, or disaster…”


“He orders His angels to protect me wherever I go.”  Psalm 91

It’s possible to keep going with the IT IS WRITTEN promises from the Word.  What are the promises we are standing on during these days?

More than ever, it is also important that we share this incredible HOPE with others.  There will be opportunity for any of us to slip into a funk as we are out of routine and in unusual and for some, very stressful conditions.  We have something so much more powerful in us than any disease, report, lay-off, food shortage, and more.  It is the truth and promises in the Word of God.  We have the answer that shows us how to go from being in a funk to being encouraged and hopeful.  IT IS WRITTEN.  

Love you all.  Praying for courage, peace, provision, health, and renewed hope in these days we are in.

Published by Bonnie

I am determined to live a life that is a calling beyond myself. For too many years I lived out the lies I believed to be true about who I was...or wasn't. Regardless, I was on the outside what I believed on the inside. Who told you that? More than anything, I want you to believe that you are valuable and have so much to offer to the world around you. I know you are here to do great things.

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