God Help Us

Father God, We love you and humbly come to you as your children.  Thank you that we can boldly approach your throne where your river of mercy flows out towards us.  Thank you for your grace, love, forgiveness, and compassion. Father we are in a time globally that has caused such fear, uncertainty, division, anxiety, loss ofContinue reading “God Help Us”

Psalm 91 – My Declaration

Just another reason why we can walk in peace and confidence when there is so much unrest around us. Of one thing I am sure…I can trust God and His Word. This is the unshakeable truth that I focus on. My Psalm 91 Declaration (With the use of NLT) Because I live in the shelterContinue reading “Psalm 91 – My Declaration”

I Will Lie Down In Peace and Sleep

In times where fear has attempted to put it’s grip on a member of our family, especially at night, we have often gone back to the story of David.  It is quite remarkable that while enemy soldiers were outside, he was able to peacefully fall asleep in a cave.  David fully trusted his faithful God to lookContinue reading “I Will Lie Down In Peace and Sleep”

Me and My Big Mouth

Maybe I could blame it on cabin fever.  Afterall, it’s always great when you can divert responsibility for your mistakes on something other than yourself.  Unfortunately, there are many times this last week where I wish I had not spoken.  Most of the situations were simply where it showed I had put no thought in what I saidContinue reading “Me and My Big Mouth”

Is The Coronavirus Bigger Than Our God?

Amazingly joyful but disillusioned.  That may be how many people would have described my grandfather.  It seemed that no matter what kind of chaos, tragedy, or negative situation would happen in his life, He would somehow respond to it singing a line from a hymn.   NEWS – “Grandpa, Grandma has cancer.” Grandpa’s Hymn Reaction – “Whatever my lot,Continue reading “Is The Coronavirus Bigger Than Our God?”

In the Face of Fear

False Evidence Appearing Real Paralyzing.  Regret inducing.  Dream stealing.  Success squashing.  Relationship destroying.  Finance draining.  Time wasting.  Health robbing.  Sleep depriving.  Mind games playing.  Trust slaying.  Growth inhibiting.  Life killing.  FEAR. I wish I could say that I have always walked bold, courageous and fearless.  However, there are a number of situations that have caught me by surprise and planted a seed of fear.   In college, I visited aContinue reading “In the Face of Fear”

Running From Nineveh

My middle initial is “J”…which during today’s post, will stand for and be relatable to the female version of Jonah (yes, the famous Jonah and the whale guy).  I guess for more reasons than one.  Not only can I relate to running away from a calling, I also have been good at whining, complaining, and other characteristicsContinue reading “Running From Nineveh”