Who Told You That?…about THEM

I was beside myself!!  I could not believe it!  He had been good friends with her.  The two had spent quality time together and shared moments of vulnerability, pain, and laughter.  And here in an instant, two other work colleagues deceivingly convinced him that she was using him to get a promotion that she wanted at the hospital.  Without askingContinue reading “Who Told You That?…about THEM”

Whose Report Will You Believe?

With the issue of the Covid-19 Pandemic going on, the story of Moses and the 12 spies in Numbers 13 and 14 keeps coming to my mind.  The Israelites were being brought from Egypt to the Promise Land.  Here they were.  Pretty much at the door of Canaan, ready to go in.  Moses picked 12 scouts, one from eachContinue reading “Whose Report Will You Believe?”

In the Face of Fear

False Evidence Appearing Real Paralyzing.  Regret inducing.  Dream stealing.  Success squashing.  Relationship destroying.  Finance draining.  Time wasting.  Health robbing.  Sleep depriving.  Mind games playing.  Trust slaying.  Growth inhibiting.  Life killing.  FEAR. I wish I could say that I have always walked bold, courageous and fearless.  However, there are a number of situations that have caught me by surprise and planted a seed of fear.   In college, I visited aContinue reading “In the Face of Fear”