Psalm 91 – My Declaration

Just another reason why we can walk in peace and confidence when there is so much unrest around us. Of one thing I am sure…I can trust God and His Word. This is the unshakeable truth that I focus on. My Psalm 91 Declaration (With the use of NLT) Because I live in the shelterContinue reading “Psalm 91 – My Declaration”

Is The Coronavirus Bigger Than Our God?

Amazingly joyful but disillusioned.  That may be how many people would have described my grandfather.  It seemed that no matter what kind of chaos, tragedy, or negative situation would happen in his life, He would somehow respond to it singing a line from a hymn.   NEWS – “Grandpa, Grandma has cancer.” Grandpa‚Äôs Hymn Reaction – “Whatever my lot,Continue reading “Is The Coronavirus Bigger Than Our God?”